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What is Binary Options?

Binary options are a simple and potentially very profitable way to make money from short term movements on the market. By correctly predicting whether the price of an asset will go up or down, you can get a significant income in a continuous way.

what is stocks?

A stock is a security that represents the ownership of a fraction of a corporation. This entitles the owner of the stock to a proportion of the corporation's assets and profits equal to how much stock they own. Units of stock are called "shares."

What is the minimum and maximum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount is 100$, and the maximum - Unlimited.

Is there any registration fee?

No, it is free to open an account on our platform.

Is there any service fee?

Yes! For investment beyond $8000, some service charges are accrued.

How can I sign up?

To sign up go to ‘Open an Account oR Register’ and enter the required information. Please make sure the data you submit is correct and up to date. In the future it will simplify withdrawal process.

Company Vision

At twocrypt.co we remain committed to creating a dynamic and most innovative platform that equips our users with all necessary tools for their trading activities. In a such rapidly-changing and ever-expanding industry, we continuously refine our services to cater to the needs of traders worldwide.

Company Values

We have always followed a client-oriented approach and placed our clients’ interests at the center of all our operations.twocrypt.co team has a goal to be among the best online trading platforms in the cryptocurrency industry and to retain our reputation as a most reliable and trusted partner.

How can I fund my trading account

You can fund your account by Bitcoin & Altcoins.

How quickly the funds will be added to my trading account?

The funds will be available for trading immediately, once we receive a confirmation from payment system.

How quickly my withdrawal request is processed?

twocrypt.co processes all withdrawal requests within 1 hour.

How can I close my twocrypt.co account?

Please email at Support@twocrypt.co to request closing of your account. You will receive a confirmation when this request will be completed.

How secure is trading with twocrypt.co?

twocrypt.co uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to encrypt your transactions and keep your personal information as secure as possible. This automated technology is used by major banks and other financial companies who have information on the web. Most browsers support SSL encryption, however, if for any reason your browser is not able to support the technology, you will receive an instant notification. You can verify whether web page is SSL compliant by checking the address. It should start with "https://..." - the "s" stands for "secure".